Fishing FAQs

Are the fish wild/natural?

All fish are 100% wild. Just a few of the lakes we may fish have a very conservative stocking policy to support the wild population.

Can you teach beginners to fish?

Normal fishing to catch most fish can be taught very quickly. Fly fishing takes longer as it takes some pratice to learn, Catching one fish on your first day of fly fishing should be seen as a great achievement.

Is catching fish guaranteed?

Nothing is guaranteed in fishing but the vast majority of people catch fish with us. Fishing for salmon is difficult, and no guarantees here unfortunately. But what we can guarantee is an enjoyable time with us!

Do you teach fishing techniques?

We integrate this in our guiding in a natural way. We can teach all levels from beginner to intermediate to advanced in many different fishing techniques from fly fishing to lure/spin fishing to bait fishing.

What is your season?

Our general season is late March until December depending on which fish species you’d like to catch. Sea fishing is year round, salmon fishing June to September and trout fishing April to September.

Should I tip the guide?

Tips are included in the guiding price, but we greatly appreciate any tips or gifts if you yourself want to give them.

Trip FAQs

What equipment do I need to bring?

We can provide all fishing equipment if needed. What you need are outdoor clothes including a proper jacket and proper shoes that will keep you warm, dry and safe tailored to the weather conditions on the day of guiding.

What are the group sizes?

We guide from 1 to 4 persons per guide. This for both quality of guiding and safety reasons. We never combine people in a group to increase group size.

Do you provide get food and drinks?

We will provide a traditional Norwegian lunch with soft drinks (food and drinks hot or cold depending on weather conditions) when guiding you for a full day (8 hrs). Otherwise please take any extra you may need yourself outside of this or when being guiding for 4 hrs.

Where do we meet our guide?

Either at a pre-arranged spot or at your place of accomodation if transport is needed.

Can we take our non-fishing spouse or friend?

An extra adult is never a problem. If you have other requests outside of this, please contact us directly as we're more than happy to meet your wishes.

How do I make a reservation?

Please get in contact with AnglerPilot via phone, email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram. A deposit of 20% of the end price is required for confirming the booking.

Trip FAQs Cont'd

What do the staff of AnglerPilot expect?

We at AnglerPilot expect respect. Respect for our guides who invest time and effort in making your time with us a special one. Respect for the nature in which we guide. Respect for the laws, rules and regulations involved in fishing where we guide. Lastly respect for a prompt and correct payment.

How much time do I need?

Minimum of 4 hrs (half day). Otherwise a full day is 8 hrs. Outside of this, we can tailor it make the time to your wishes.

How do we pay?

You can pay via direct bank transfer, Paypal, credit card or cash (Norwegian Kroner) depending on what you yourself would prefer.

How much does guiding cost?

Guiding costs Kr 625 per hour for upto 2 people. Thereafter Kr 312 per person per hour.

Do we need a license and where can be order these?

Fishing in the sea is free and doesn’t require a license. Trout fishing requires a local license for that particular water. Salmon fishing requires both a National migratory fish license and a local license for that particular river beat. We can help by booking these for you at cost.

What’s included in the price of the trip?

Fishing equipment (if needed), transport to/from accomodation (if needed), lunch and drinks (full day guiding), high quality pictures taken on the day, tips and obviously our knowledge!

Location FAQs

Where is AnglerPilot located and where do you guide?

We have guides located over Southern Norway who but guide in most areas of Southern Norway. See here:

What’s your closest airport?

Our closest airport in Kjevik, Kristiansand. Though Stavanger, Torp (Oslo) around a 3hr drive from us.

Where should we stay?

We do not provide accommodation ourselves but will happily come with suggestions to everything from a tree top cabin by a lake to a room at a stately home and everything in between.

Do you recommend a hire car?

Norway is a vast and sparsely populated land with public transport somewhat limited. If you're planning to getting off the beaten track, fishing without a guide or general exploring, we'd absolutely recommend hiring a car.

What else is there to do?

It's not just the fishing that attracts people to Southern Norway. The kind climate and wonderful nature of the Norwegian Riviera makes for an array of many other activities to do. Hiking, photography, rafting, relaxing on one of the many beaches, rock climbing, Kristiansand Zoo or for shoppers - shopping in one of the many towns or large shopping centre outside of Kristiansand. Visit Norway's website, TripAdvisior, a local tourist advice centre are great resources. Or ask your fishing guide!

But I've another question!

Just get in contact with us! We're happy to help.