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Guide Ryan with fly casting instruction
Two German clients learning to fly casting on a Norwegian island, Bragdøya.

Fly Fishing Courses

We offer an array of courses for all skill levels and most fly fishing techniques. We have special expertise in all aspects of fly fishing.

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Fly fishing is a magical and majestic form of fishing. Often looked upon as the pinnacle of the fishing world, it can be a real challenge to learn without the right start. Our unique course comprising of theory, practice and practical fishing will provide you with the foundation for a solid and more enjoyable start to the world of fly fishing.


Our many years of experience being involved professionally in fly fishing, guiding and instruction can offer you whatever you're looking for. Our team can boast a certified European EFFA and International FFI fly fishing guide and former House of Hardy ProTeam member with many fly fishing courses under his belt, a Sage Fly Fishing ProTeam member and more, which gives us the skills you need to become a better fly fisher:

Entomolgy: The study of insects and how their life cycle influences fly choice and fishing method.

Ecology: How the environment influences the fish's behaviour.

Hydrology: The study of water movement but applied to how it influences the fish's behaviour.

Fly Casting: overhead, side, roll, spey, double spey, switch, snap, mending, etc

Fly Fishing Techniques: dry fly, nymphing, streamer, euro-nymphing, traditional wet fly, etc

Fly Tying: Dry, modern and traditional wet, nymphs, streamers and more.


We can provide the necessary equipment, but the absolute best is to learn with the fly rod, reel and line you'll be using in the future.

We offer both instruction by the hour, half (4 hrs) and full day (8 hrs) fly fishing courses. Under is an example of the full day fly fishing course which we naturally tailor to each customer and their specific goals.

The full day Beginners Fly Fishing Course (8hrs)










We meet at our classroom with warm greetings, the plan for the day and a quick introduction.

A short theory about the history of fly fishing, the equipment we using, basic fly choice and finding the fish.

We go through your equipment if you have any, learning the knots and learn how to correctly assemble our equipment.

Arriving at the training field, we learn the techniques needed to cast a fly with the overhead cast. We train until we're happy with our new found talents!

We make the short journey to our fishing spot to use our new skills.

Fly casting makes you hungry and we each lunch by the waterside.

Satisfied, rested and eager, we use what we've learnt to catch our first fly caught fish. For the remainder of the day you'll get the guidance you need to evolve.

Our time together has come unfortunately to an end and we arrive back at the cars.

Payment for the trip happens now and after a quick summary of our day, we say our goodbyes and hope to meet again.


How long does the course last?

It can be tailored to your desire but as a rule 8 hours. We can also offer shorter 1 to 1 tuition if desired.

What's included in the price?

  • Transport to/from accommodation if needed (enquire before reservation)

  • Fishing equipment hire if needed

  • Personal safety equipment

  • Any pictures/videos taken

  • Snack + fresh drinks (4hr trip) or freshly made lunch often from your catch + fresh drinks (6/8hr trip)

What do I/we need to bring?

Outdoor clothes suiting the weather on that day, a bottle of water and a big smile :o)

What skill levels do you take?

Because of having fished and guided at a very high level internationally, we can accommodate all skills levels. From total beginner to expert.

What age group are these activities for?

All ages are welcome and we can tailor the day to all. We do however require an adult to accompany children.

Where do we meet our guide?

After booking, we will contact you to discuss and agree upon a meeting point.

Is this activity for non-swimmers?

Non-swimmers are more than welcome and we will always ask before our time together whether there are any non-swimmers. We provide safety equipment, have water rescue training and will give non-swimmers more overwatch.

Can we take our pets?

We love animals and well-behaved pets are welcome. It is expected that the owners have control over them at all times and provide any safety equipment needed for the pet/s.

We have health issues/disabilities, will that be a problem?

Ryan is an experienced practicing paramedic and Jason a qualified wilderness first aid trained. We can accommodate for almost any situation, so please contact us for any special needs.

Do you combine customers that don't know each other?

No. Our goal is that you will have the best experience possible. Because of this we do not combine people that do not know each in case a clash of personalities.

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