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German Masters Students

When I get the privilege of sharing knowledge with a new generation of outdoor representatives, well I jump at the chance. A group of 38 students from Cologne's Masters in Sport Tourism and Recreation Management recently visited Skottevik holiday camp experiencing what the Southern Norwegian outdoors could provide.

Well I was invited to teach talk about fishing tourism, my business AnglerPilot, marketing of an outdoor activity company, teach them the art of fly fishing and last but not least, take them fishing!

Winter here in Southern Norway has held it's grip longer than normal, but that didn't worry the students and they learnt fly fishing in perfect winter conditions, though maybe not the best conditions for learning fly fishing.

Very few had fished before, but after a short introduction and guiding, they fast learning students were soon casting lures to the horizon and despite tough, cold conditions, catching fish.

So a big thank you to their course leaders Edwin and Stefan for inviting me, and another big thank you to the students for their great English (my German is terrible), unfaltering attention and enthusiasm. Good luck for the future to you all!

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