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Ryan Marchese

Founder of AnglerPilot


A Bit About Me

A highly certified fishing guide who gets to spend many hours in the breathtaking Norwegian nature whilst passionately sharing his passion with others. At the same time deeply involved in the development of tourism and fishing tourism in Southern Norway. But how I was lucky enough to get to this place.....


Well I guess it all started just before my 1oth birthday. I had recently moved from the busy city life of London, England to the picturesque Postman Pat landscape of the county of Shropshire. I'll never forget my birthday present, a maroon rod with complimenting reel and a colourful variety of tackle. My parents could never had envisaged how this one present would change the rest of my life, and also the life of others.

From that point, growing up I lived and breathed fishing. School, homework, girls and everything else came a second place to fishing. At the age of 12 yrs I had started fly fishing and fly tying but still enjoyed practicing bait fishing and sometimes lure fishing in the many lakes, canals and rivers around where I lived.


But then my fishing journey was suddenly taken to the next level at the age of 24 yrs. I quite unexpectedly to myself and others, moved over to the other side of the North sea to the fishing mecca of Norway.


Ever pressing expectations of 'adult life', my unconscious career jumping from a Bachelor in Biology to Nursing then to a medic in the British Army forced me to make a final decision. Learn Norwegian and become a paramedic.


Between 2002-2013 I fished when I could in between being a paramedic, father and husband in my new found fishing paradise . Then at the age of 34 my then wife said I should start my own business as a fishing guide. I was skeptical, scared and had many reservations, but after lots of planning and studying fishing tourism in different parts of the world, I took the plunge. In 2014 AnglerPilot was formed and launched. With the support, guidance and advice from many key people, it immediately became a success.

Over the years I've guided people from so many different countries from around the world and get to share so many magical moments with them. I sometimes have to pinch myself to see whether I'm dreaming! I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to live my life in Norwegian nature and share my passion and love for fishing with others.

Now my business has grown from year to year and I'm deeply involved in so many aspects of tourism and fishing tourism development here in Southern Norway. I learn something new every single day. Who knows where this will lead and who cares?! I'm just enjoying every single moment along the way....

Qualifications and Positions

Norwegian Paramedic

Adventure Guide Southern Norway group board member

Fly Fishing guide certifications that covered advanced fly casting, mentoring, fly tying, entomology, wilderness first aid, water rescue, outdoor cuisine, and much more.

Acute Advanced Prehospital trauma and medical care, water and general rescue, accident scene manager and apprentice mentor.

Responsible for quality assurance, health and safety, and business development in Southern Norway's business group for outdoor companies.

Part responsible for the development of the European Fly Fishing Association's fly fishing guide certification course and program.

Brand representative for one of the world's most prestigious fly fishing brands through demos, fairs and production of social media content.

Norwegian registered recreational boat Captain with boat length upto 24m and passenger number upto 12. 

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