Danish Harry casting in Zone 4, Mandalselva

Salmon Fishing

Often refered to as the King of rivers, the Atlantic salmon is an elusive game fish which can drive even the most patient souls to frustration. It’s just this challenge that captivates so many and makes this powerful silver bullet the greatest prize of all.

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Each year fish of upto 15kg (33lbs) are caught and recent records of 20kg (44lbs), though the average around 4kg (8.8lbs).


Our expertise lies in the most important rivers of Southern Norway which include the Mandalselva, Tovdalselva, Søgne-sogndalselva, and Audna rivers.


We will take care of everything and by going through how to choose a fly/lure due to the conditions, techniques, and more which will best increase your chances of connecting with one of nature’s most amazing creatures.

If your passion is fly fishing, then our many years of experience being involved professionally in fly fishing, guiding and instruction can offer you whatever you're looking for. Our team can boast a certified European EFFA and International FFI fly fishing guide and former House of Hardy ProTeam member with many fly fishing courses under his belt, a Sage Fly Fishing ProTeam member and more, which gives us the skills you need to become a better fly fisher with both single and double handed rods:

Ecology: How the environment influences the fish's behaviour (air pressure, water temperature, etc).

Hydrology: The study of water movement but applied to how it influences the fish's behaviour.

Fly Casting: Single spey, double spey, switch, snap T and C, Perry poke, mending, etc

Fly Fishing Techniques: Riffling Hitch, dry fly, traditional wet fly, nymphing etc

Fly Tying: Modern and traditional salmon flies, dry flies, riffling hitch flies and more.

We offer both half (4 hrs) and full day (8 hrs) fishing adventures. Under is an example of the full day salmon fishing experience which we naturally tailor to each customer and their specific goals.

Included in the package is fishing equipment, foods and drinks, and pictures taken. Transport can be provided if necessary. Licenses are not included in the price but will be ordered for the customers at cost price.

Mandalselva railway brigde
Casting a fly in Mandalselva
Mandalselva salmon
Birds eye view of Mandalselva
First ever salmon!
Mandalselva at Finsådal
Haugefossen, Mandalseva

The Salmon Fishing Experience - Full Day (8hrs)









We meet at our starting point with warm greetings, discuss the days goals, the plan for the day and a quick safety talk.

We arrive at the river's edge and you get the guidance you need to start fishing for the 'King of the River'.

We take a break at the riverside for freshly made warm drinks and a snack.

Fishing continues....

It's time for a riverside freshly made lunch and drinks whilst we review the day so far.

Satisfied and rested we fish the remainder of our time together.

Our time together has come unfortunately to an end and we walk back to the car.

Payment for the trip happens now and after a quick summary of our day, we say our goodbyes and hope to meet again.