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Your and our safety is something we take very seriously. Below you can read the steps we take to make sure you experiences with us leave positive memories.

Guide Ryan is a Norwegian paramedic

First Aid

Ryan is a Norwegian paramedic with 20 yrs of emergency rescue experience in the Norwegian environment. You can read more about Ryan, his experience and qualifications here.

All of our other guides have a valid Wilderness First Aid certification.

Health and Safety

We have undergone an in depth study of all of our activities and created a detailed and comprehensive health and safety documentation. This has lead to a very strict implementation of safety measures and regular inspection of all aspects of our service. Your and our own safety is paramount.

AnglerPilot risk analyse and risk assessment.

Safety Equipment

We implement many different items safety equipment in our service. For example first aid kits, VHF radios and regularly controlled life jackets when fishing from our boat. Throwing lines when fishing in rivers. And much more...

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