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Jason Guthrie

AnglerPilot Guide

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Hi there. My name is Jason!

I was born and raised in South Africa and have been an avid outdoors man since I was very young. Growing up in South Africa, I have been lucky enough to experience some of the most amazing, wild, and remote wilderness there is. When I was old enough to hold a .22 Rifle, my father took me and my brother on hunting expeditions in the African wilderness. In my early teens, I started fly fishing seriously with my father and cousin. After a few years, my fishing journey took a sharp turn, and I started bass fishing. This quickly became an obsession, which lead to me and my cousin eventually competing in bass fishing tournaments at a high level.


I have been lucky enough to experience a variety of fishing types, ranging from Tiger Fish found in the Zambezi River in Africa, to the beautiful flats of the Florida Keys, and now find myself in the northern part of the world, Norway, fishing in what may be the most beautiful landscape I have seen.


I am also a passionate custom knife maker by trade and export my knives worldwide. Dedication and quality have always been important to me, and I try keep to those standards in whatever I do, including giving Angler Pilot customers a great experience with friendly service.


Besides the breathtaking scenery, the coast/rivers and lakes are abundant with fish. Norway has very high standards in preserving their natural habitat, and therefore allows the fish populations to thrive and remain unspoilt.


Fishing in Norway will provide an unforgettable experience, and it would be my pleasure to help guide you through it.

Qualifications and Positions

Former Fishing Guide in South Africa

Sierra 3 Wilderness First Aid certified

Guided trips fishing for bass in Southern African waters

Norwegian registered recreational boat Captain with boat length upto 24m and passenger number upto 12. 

An International first aid standard tailored towards outdoor activities often in wilderness areas.

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