Trout Fishing

Norway, a small country with almost half a million lakes! Here in Southern Norway most lakes boast a very healthy stock of wild trout that are rarely fished for. Having a trout lake for yourself, more a norm than an exception.

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Not forgetting the many kilometres of trout streams and rivers. Here something for everyone from a small stream to a roaring river and everything in between. Most common the wild brown trout (Salmo trutta) but some wild American brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) can be caught too. Average sizes of around 300g (3/4lb) but hidden amoungst them some leviathans reaching 8kg (17.5lbs). Our local knowledge will not only get you to a naturally beautiful place but provide you with everything you’ll need for one of those wild trout.

Depending on whether you choose lure or fly fishing, your time with us will be one of learning. Our knowledge in both entomology, ecology and all forms of different fly fishing techniques will give you the knowledge you've been looking for or maybe didn't know you needed!

We offer both half (4 hrs) and full day (8 hrs) trout fishing adventures. Under is an example of the full day trout fishing experience which we naturally tailor to each customer and their specific goals. 

Included in the package fishing equipment, foods and drinks, fishing licenses and pictures taken. Transport can be provide if necessary.

The Trout Fishing Experience - Full Day (8hrs)










We meet at our starting point with warm greetings, discuss the days goals, the plan for the day and a quick safety talk.

We go through the fishing tackle, knots, choosing the right lure/fly, and techniques.

We reach our first fishing spot and the hunt for lunch starts.

We take a break to reflect and enjoy freshly made warm drinks and a snack.

Fishing continues....

Now we deserve a freshly made warm lunch with your catch of the day and time to enjoy it.

Satisfied and rested we fish the remainder of our time together.

Our time together has come unfortunately to an end and we arrive back to the cars.

Payment for the trip happens now and after a quick summary of our day, we say our goodbyes and hope to meet again.