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The 6 Senses of AnglerPilot

In all of our activities we try to incorporate 6 senses. We use aspects from mindfullness, meditation and Shinrin-Yoku in our adventures. Described under are just a sample of what can be expected. It's these that gives your time with us an extra and memorable dimension.

Kanelstranda on a winter day


Norwegian nature in its entirety is a sight to be believed.

The clear blues of the water.

The endless shades of floral greens. 

The iridescent colours of the fish.



Crisp, clean, fresh mountain air.

The nose tickling sharpness of cold mornings.

Powerful, salty and invigorating sea air.

Pine wood burning on an open fire.

Releasing a sea trout, lyngdal


Gentle pulls on the line of a willing fish.

The sudden and heavy pull of a hooked quarry.

Snapping twigs between your fingers ready for the open fire.

AnglerPilot food with self caught fish on an island, Aspholmen Mandal


Salty sea air.

Your own freshly caught fish cooked on an open fire.

Fresh coffee as you watch a wild deer dance through the forest.

Fire in the Norwegian outdoors, nothing better!


Calls of eagles overhead hunting their next meal.

Waves lapping against the boat's hull.

Crackling of wood from an open fire.

A German lady with a Norwegian ballan wrasse.


This is the sum of your senses which leads to everlasting memories. Unforgettable moments.

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