Our Network

We are proud to be able to work closely with a multitude of local, regional, National and International businesses within tourism, recreational fishing, food, etc. Our goal and wish is that our success can to be their success.

Innovation Norway Innovasjon Norge
Visit Southern Norway Sørlandet
Visit Lindesnes
Natur Norge
Blått Senter Kristiansand
House of Hardy Fly Fishing
Shimano Norway Norge
Skjermbilde 2022-03-14 kl. 09.52.38.png
Grønberg Sport
Tregde Ferie Senter Holiday Centre
Kristiansand Gjestehavn Guest Harbour
Eikerapen Gjestegard
Troll Active Aktiv
Kristiansand Bådsenter Båtsenter
Kote Null, Sandøya, Tvedestrand

and many more....