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Giving Back

Because we view ourselves as some of the fortunate few who are able to fish and be in the beautiful Norwegian nature, that we want to give back where we can. Under are just some of the ways where we try to give to others.

17 goals of sustainability

We try to implement as many of the these goals as possible in what we do.

AnglerPilot take all of these into our daily work.

Our Focus

We have chosen to invest our experience and efforts specifically in numbers 3, 4, 5, 10, 13, 14, 15 and 17.


Through a variety of activities and teachings each year, we try our upmost to inspire others of all ages and cultures to look after nature both for themselves and the next generations.


Nature Therapy

Nature has been proven, both with and without scientific studies, to be a highly effective form of therapy. That's why we use our extensive experience from the health care sector and Shinrin-Yoku principles to increase people's well-being through our experiences.

Pro Bono

Each year we offer our services free of charge for groups that due to either economical, social, psychological or physical challenges, do not have the same opportunities to experience what we do.

Keeping it local

We work closely with a multitude of local businesses within tourism, recreational fishing, food, etc so that our success can to be their success.



Reducing our overall footprint on nature is another thing we strive to do. We do it in a number of ways like using already established paths and campfire spots, taking from nature (fish, wood, food, etc) only what we need and many more.


We recycle in a few different ways.

1. The little waste that we produce is carefully recycled.

2. We want nature 'free from waste' so we collect the waste from others that we find and take this home for recycling.

3. Equipment that is no longer part of our service is given a new life by passing it onto others.

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