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sea trout fishing at straumen.jpg

"It's not all about the fish. It's equally as much about the nature, feeling the sea breeze, the array of colours, sounds and gentle fragrances. An unforgettable fishing trip, nature therapy and mindfullness in one!"

Autumn fishing in Trysfjorden

AnglerPilot's cornerstones are a base for all that we do; Natural, Quality, Experience. We pride ourselves on meeting our customers needs to give them a memorable experience for many years to come.



Southern Norways climate gives us the opportunity to fish and experience our wonderful nature all year round. By clicking on the pictures below, you can see what can be caught and in which season.

A big Spring cod
Mandalselva laks
Big sea trout
Mandal Sea Bass
A prime example of a wild brown trout.
Big pike

Due to our constant focus on quality AnglerPilot chooses only the best equipment from some of the top international brands for our activities.

Buster XL Fish
Hardy HBX rods and reels
Rapala X-Rap sinking
Garmin 102sv fish finder

"Ryan is, besides his humorous and winning nature, an awesome fishing guide with a broad knowledge about fishing techniques for trout, salmon, bass and other sea fish. In addition and contrast to many others, he carefully considers his client's wishes and abilities. This leads to an excellent mixture and made me enjoy my trip with Ryan a lot!"

former Head Editor for FliegenFischen

Johannes Radkte from Germany

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