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Sea trout fishing is regarded very highly by many and catching one of these wonderful creatures a real prize. Our unique course and our many years of experience fishing for sea trout comprises of theory and practical fishing. It will provide you with the foundation for a solid and more enjoyable start to the world of sea trout.

We will cover topics such as:

  • the life cycle of the sea trout

  • it's food sources

  • where to find them depending on the time of the year

  • which lures/flies to choose when and why

  • which equipment to use when and why

  • different fishing techniques

We can provide the necessary equipment, but the absolute best is to learn with equipment you'll be using in the future.

The full day Coastal Sea Trout Fishing Course (8 hrs)











We meet at our classroom with warm greetings, discuss the plan for the day and a quick introduction.

A short theory about the sea trout life cycle, what it eats, the equipment we use, how to choose fly/lure and finding the fish.

A short break to air our heads.

Get the equipment ready learning the knots.

We make the short journey to our fishing spot to use our new skills.

Start fishing getting guidance underway.

Fishing for sea trout makes you hungry and we each lunch by the waterside. Maybe even with your own caught sea trout!

Satisfied, rested and eager, we use what we've learnt so far to catch sea trout. For the remainder of the day you'll get even more guidance you need to evolve.

Our time together has come unfortunately to an end and we arrive back at the cars.

Payment for the trip happens now and after a quick summary of our day, we say our goodbyes and hope to meet again.

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