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Powerful and Underrated

Pollack (Pollachius pollachius) is possibly one of the most underrated sports fish that can be caught on a rod, for me a fly rod. When they suck in that lure or fly, and you feel the solid and positive pull in the opposite direction, they're hooked. Plummeting downwards searching for structure and weed to disappear in, they pull hard, really hard. Hold on tight, turn up the drag and turn their head.

Pump and reel, pump and reel. The dead weight with some less aggressive pulls follow, well until they see land, you or the boat. Hold on tight again as now that line you've won back is about to disappear. Again, if you get to turn their head again after the multiple decisive pulls for freedom, some heavy pull and pumping then your prize should be lying in the net.

If you haven't tried tried this addictive fishing, you're really missing out. Salmon, trout, etc fun, but the raw power of a larger pollack really needs to be experienced. Under a video of how to get them on the fly. The same principles for finding fish, hooking them, etc can be used for other methods e.g. jig, spinner, bait.

I hope this inspires you to try for these fish, as you really won't regret it. They're actually quite good eating, especially in homemade fish cakes or as a crispy fried fillet.

Tightlines and hold on!

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